Sunday, August 25, 2013

Adventures in Stamping Sunday Challenge

It's Sunday! I spent most of the day wrecked with sinus issues, so things could have been better. Fall semester also begins tomorrow (although I have Mondays off), so today is very bittersweet. But, in the nail art world, for those who enjoy stamping, Sunday is also challenge day!

Adventures in Stamping is the facebook group that started it all for me.  I learned everything I know about stamping from the amazing talented people over there. Every Sunday a poll is posted for us to vote on possible themes. The voting closes on Wednesday, and then Sunday we post our challenge manis. I've gotten so much inspiration from browsing through all the photos posted in AiS. 

This weeks challenge is 'stamp over a nude base. This was my final mani.

My base is a metallic sandy color. The brand is Kleancolor, and the color is 42 Sandstone. Kleancolors smell terrible, but they're great polish and you can get them very cheap online, often less than $2 a bottle including shipping. Here's a bottle shot, and you can see the color on my nails.

I stamped with a couple different images from the Pueen Love Elements collections. I used two images, both found on #33.

I stamped with an extremely vivid green from my favorite stamping polish maker, Mundo de Uñas. Her stamping polishes are thick and extremely opaque. Many of her stamping polish stamp wonderfully over black. Bonus, they're SO affordable! This is her stamping polish no. 8, Esmeralda

Isn't this fun? I know the base looks more gold in the photo, but in person it's just a shimmery neutral color, with a vivid pop of green. For some added shimmer, I topped the whole mani off with Oh, Baby, by Pure Ice. I like to think of it as my poor-man's holographic topcoat.

Summer is definitely coming to an end, although I don't think the heat is going without a fight. I'm going to miss my free time, but I'm so ready to be done with school. One more year!

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