Friday, August 30, 2013

Nail Art Society!!!

Well, the first week of the semester is at an end. One down, fourteen to go!

But, today was exciting. When I got home I found my August Nail Art Society bag in the mail! :D Very exciting. Nail Art Society is a monthly subscription service for nail art goodies. You pay a small fee, and each month they send you a bag full of fun things! NAS, as it's referred to on Facebook, recently went through an overhaul. They took a couple months off, and oh boy, was it worth it! Here's my review of the August bag. I'm personally subscribed to NAS, and am simply offering my honest opinion.

The bag is a shiny purple bubble mailer. It's so bright and cheerful, I just smiled when I saw it in the mailbox. 

And here we are! ORLY paints! There are two brochures outlining the Orly line, a postcard featuring a NAS guru, a tutorial postcard, water decals, stickers, and four Orly paints.

Here's the tutorial, giving some ideas on how to use the items in the bag.

These Orly paints are special. They are water based paints! This is very exciting, because if you're doing a design, and you mess up, it's MUCH easier to remove than regular nail polish. I got white, silver, black, and a very vibrant blue.

It is camera here made it look purple. Sorry about that. They each have a striper brush, which is also great.

I also got one pack of butterfly nail stickers, and one pack of water decals. They're both butterfly themed, and just gorgeous.

So, the bag was well worth the subscription fee, which is $9.95/mo plus about $5 shipping. They send you a confirmation email when your bag is shipped, so you get to stalk the tracking.

I'll be the first to admit...I'm not very good at free hand designs. But with these Orly striper paints, I'm excited to try. 

Guaranteed nail mail each month for me! So fun. :D

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