Sunday, September 29, 2013


Today's challenge in Adventures in Stamping is Un-girly! No pink, no hearts, none of that. I had to admit, I got pretty excited with this one. I DO own pink nail polish, but it's only out of necessity for certain designs and holidays. I'd wear dark colors every day if I could.

Nothing really special or fancy here, just some basic stamping over a dark color.

I started with two coats of SinfulColors Leap Frog. How to describe this color...the photo isn't really very accurate. At first glance, it's grey. But the harder you look at it, you see maybe a hint of green, maybe a hint of blue. This is going to be a favorite color of mine this fall.

I got this plate from VividLacquer, VL009 I now own a few of her plates...she always comes up with really great images on her plates. I used the fingerprint image.  

I stamped that image on all my nails using one of Salley Hansen's new Fall 2013 colors, Insta-Dri Red-io Active. It's a really great metallic red to stamp with. See how well it shows up over this dark base?

I'm really happy with this mani. Simple, dark colors perfect for the Fall...even if it was 80 degrees yesterday. 

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  1. Sally Hansen is so great for stamping. I'm happy to hear there are new colors.
    Love your fingerprint-mani.