Sunday, September 8, 2013

Glizy Glam

Well, it's Sunday. You all know what that means! Sunday challenge over at Adventures in Stamping. Today's challenge, is 'glizy glam'. I'll be honest...I SERIOUSLY debated participating in this week's challenge. I knew I was going to want to do something with sparkle. But, I have to have my nails nekkid by Wednesday for clinical...and I HATE removing glitter polish. It's such a pain. desire to have sparkly nails won out! So here we are. :)

Ooooh I love this. It doesn't show up in the photos very well, but it's like looking at ruby slippers.

I stuck with all Kleancolor polishes for this mani. Why? Well...I have a lot of them, and they deserve to be used. Warning...they stink. Really smell bad. But they're super cheap, and they come in HUNDREDS of different colors/finishes. I started with a base of Red Alert(81).


Then, I added two coats of Chunky Holo Scarlet(231). It has the most wonderful shimmer. Hopefully there will be some sun before I have to take the polish off, and I can do an update so you all can see the sparkle!

I then stamped with a fauxnad plate. It's like a Konad only....not. I used plate m69.

I stamped using Kleancolor Metallic Black(168). A lot of Kleancolors stamp really well, especially the metallics line.

Glizy glam, right? Well, of course I broke out the nail bling! I got a large set of these Cheeky nail gems on amazon for a steal. There are lots of really cheap ways to get fun nail art additions. Just leave me a comment if you're interested in finding some.

Ah...clean-up...that's better!

I added a little red gem to the center of each flower.'s so pretty! I added the little embellishment on each of my nails.

I just think this is too fun! Nail gems are actually pretty easy to apply. Little ones like these, I just stick on immediately after I apply my top coat. Some bigger ones (like bows), you can apply using glue. I think they really take your mani to another level.

Until next time,


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